1. The Royal Hotel Forfar | Forfar Hotel, Gym and Leisure


    The Royal Hotel Forfar is a local family owned hotel located in the centre of Forfar providing quality accommodation in the heart of Angus.

  2. Contact Inksters | Glasgow, Inverness or Wick | Inksters ...


    Forfar, Angus Inksters' Forfar Office is at 24 West High Street, Forfar, DD8 1BA (Tel: 01307 497 008). For full contact details click on the image of Forfar Old Parish Church.

  3. Scottish feudal baronies (feudal barons, feudal baron ...


    Introduction - nature of territorial titles. Under the feudal system in Scotland in the early medieval period the titles of earl and baron were the only titles of nobility*; the titles of duke, marquess and viscount arrived later, in 1398, 1599 and 1606 respectively.

  4. Family History Angus Smaller Villages 1 - CuriousFox.com


    Village by village genealogy, family and local history enquiries for Angus. With nearby village finder, links to old photgraphs, and exact locations on modern Victorian maps.

  5. Court Case - Latest news updates, pictures, video ...


    Updates of ongoing and upcoming court cases. Check back for the latest news on convictions and trials in the UK and around the world.

  6. Mitsubishi L200 (2005-2015) owner reviews: MPG,


    Bought this vehicle with next to no miles on it, and 11 months old, its never been off road and only just done 25,000 miles. Have had the foot rails replaced as they just rusted completely (a common fault), this was done under warranty, (they re-used the plastic bits from the old rails too).

  7. Affleck Castle, Monikie, Angus, Scotland


    Welcome to WWW.MONIKIE.ORG.UK, from Scotland AFFLECK CASTLE (formerly Auchinleck Castle) MONIKIE, ANGUS, SCOTLAND Please note that the castle is not open to the public.

  8. Surrendered 18 yr old dog clings to kind woman at


    Update: Rescued! After being surrendered to a busy, high intake animal control agency in California, an 18-year-old dog had little to find comfort inuntil a

  9. Ford cars. All bits for old Fords


    Ford advertisements - all ads for classic Ford cars bundled together

  10. Austin cars. All bits for old Austins


    Austin advertisements - all ads for classic Austin cars bundled together